April 22, 2010

Am I a disciple?

Last weekend I went to a women's conference and heard from Jen Hatmaker. To be honest, I usually despise women's conferences because usually they are quite frankly--pretty lame. The messages are usually centered around some super-emotional, cheesy, "Jesus-wants-you-to-make-your-American-dream-come-true" type of message that is neither challenging nor often--may I say-- biblical. However, this women's conference was different, thanks to Jen Hatmaker. Jen challenged the church's definition of disciple. She posed the question: Would your life look any different without Christ?

Her teaching reminded me a little of Craig Groschel's Christian Atheist. Christian Atheist can be summed up in what Craig characterizes the American Church as "believing in God but living as if He doesn't exist."

Its amazing to see the message that I believe is being promulgated in the American church. Is your relationship with Christ transforming your life? If you believe in Christ as the Savior of the world, and confess Him with your mouth-- is your life transformed by your relationship with Him?

Am I becoming more like Christ because of the work that He is doing in my heart?
Am I caught up in the American Dream and trying to fit Christ into that lifestyle?
Do I live like a disciple of Christ as seen in the bible?

This weekend, Jen explained what a disciple of a Rabbi would look like in the time of Jesus. A disciple would literally be the rabbi's shadow: mimic his every move, talk like him, walk like him, follow him where ever he went--even so much as following the rabbi to the bathroom... yea, gross.

If I call myself a disciple of Jesus, do I follow Him in the same way?

Constantly relying, constantly listening, constantly following Him where He leads.

April 13, 2010

Bits & a Bit[e] of My Weekend.... Volume 5 & 6

Busy, busy, busy weeks up until finals...  but here are just a few pics from the past couple weekends.
A trip to the Cheesecake factory with my beautiful friends resulted in this...
Chicken Thai Lettuce Wraps... mmmm..
Peanut Butter Cheesecake... first dessert in a LOOOONNNGGG time!

... and it was so good.

more beautiful friends!

I feel summer coming... so I had to break out all my sandals!

This past weekend was ACQUIRE THE FIRE in Dallas!! Great times and changed lives!!

Early mornings at ATF....

Lunch @ Chick-fil-a with Nick & Michelle stopping in for a visit :)

So blessed to hear from Nick Vijicic. Please check out his website here.
Drew was a little celebrity for a second... still not sure why.... 
After a long, long day.... we are a bunch of dirty kids...
Oh the faces of Kristen & Colin.... 
Great weekend.... soooo tired. :)
It's amazing what Starbucks can do for sleepy kids.
On Sunday my two friends were twins... so I had to take a pic.

Good times with good friends worshipping a great God.

March 29, 2010

Bits of My Weekend.... Volume 4

This weekend was so wonderful. God is so faithful to reveal Himself when we seek Him. Nearly from start to finish, my weekend was full of wonderful conversations and encounters with precious old friends and new ones too! It ended with Lifegroup last night that was incredible. God is moving, and its exciting to see a group of people submit to Him and run after His plans not just for the future, but what He has for us TODAY.

The most eventful activity of the weekend was my visit to the Norman Medieval Fair. Wow. What a show.... enjoy.
This couple knew I was taking a picture of them.... but, they weren't that creeped out.
These ladies were fairies... the one on the right told me not to touch her wings....
It was FREEZING. This is Shelby trying to eat with the wind whipping in her face!
Kyle & I opted for the MUCH healthier turkey leg... yea, right. A few bites in... and I was pretty grossed out. But its all about the experience!

Yup, apparently there were tree ladies in Medieval Times....
When you are at a Medieval Fair, why the heck NOT wear a clown nose?
And the winner of the day..... BUCKET HEAD. Im not gonna lie, I saw him from afar and I had to chase him down for a pic.
Yea, there were a lot of "characters" at the fair... including a man dressed in a bear costume.... again, I agree with his decision to wear this, because--why the heck not?!
This was the only ride we saw at the fair. The font reminded me of Harry Potter, but it was less than magical. You basically pay 3 bucks to go on a merry go-round.
BY FAR the coolest thing I saw at the fair... some sweet Great Danes!

Shelby & I after going to the the movies with Erica & Kalli...  and then we ate at the Cheesecake Factory for the first time! What the heck... I was missing out.
Sunday was a study day... but I started it bright and early with my two faves: La Baguette Florentine Quiche & a Dirty Chai.

Wish I could capture all of the truly amazing moments of this weekend!

March 28, 2010

No Wise Words...

Today I have no words to properly articulate the message in my heart.

But I will try...

Jesus is the real deal. 

March 25, 2010

March 23, 2010


My lovely friend Holly wrote this, and it truly inspired me to live life to the fullest.

In This Special Moment In Life:

Think Freely. Practice Patience. Smile Often. Savor Special Moments.  Live God's Message. 
Make New Friends. Rediscover Old Ones. Tell Those You Love That You Do. Feel Deeply. 
Forget Trouble. Forgive An Enemy. Hope. Grow. Be Crazy. Count Your Blessings. Observe Miracle. Make Them Happen. Discard Worry. Give. Give In. Trust Enough To Take.
Pick Some Flowers. Share Them. Keep A Promise. Look For Rainbows. Gaze At Stars. See Beauty Everywhere. Work Hard. Be Wise. Try To Understand. Take Time For People.
Make Time For Yourself. Laugh Heartily. Spread Joy. Take A Chance. Reach Out. Let Someone In. Try Something New. Slow Down. Be Soft Sometimes. Believe in Yourself.
Trust Others.See A Sunrise. Listen To Rain. Reminisce. Cry When You Need To. Trust Life.
Have Faith. Enjoy Wonder. Comfort A Friend. Have Good Ideas.
 Make Some Mistakes. Learn From Them. 
Celebrate Life.